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…are coming soon! While we're building up our catalog, we want you to experience a new way to read with a classic character: Sherlock Holmes. We've bundled together some of our favorite classic stories into a new, modern collection (we know you'll love it). Oh, and we're giving it away for free.

If there is a particular story you'd like to experience with Duobook, let us know.

The Incredible Cases
of Sherlock Holmes

This modern curation of Sherlock Holmes stories was created just for Duobook as a powerful introduction to the timeless character. If you love the modern-day adaptations of Sherlock Holmes like we do, you'll enjoy picking out all the familiar references, storylines, and character quirks.

Volume One of The Incredible Cases of Sherlock Holmes is free when you create a Duobook account, and includes these four captivating stories:

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A Study in Scarlet

Holmes & Watson's first adventure. Together, they investigate the murder of a man from Cleveland, Ohio.

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A Scandal in Bohemia
(Short Story)

A disguised visitor begs for help recovering a sensitive item.

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The Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans
(Short Story)

Mycroft Holmes needs his brother's help to investigate a serious matter of national security.

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The Valley of Fear

Watson and Holmes travel to Sussex to find the truth behind a terrible murder.

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